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Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter of the Month: Smart Parenting May 2010

    Just early this month, my letter was published as Letter of the Month by Smart Parenting Magazine May 2010 issue! T'was really unexpected!
Story behind the Story:

            I'm an avid reader of Smart Parenting Magazine and Website since i get pregnant and became a mom just last year.. Many advices and stories are featured which are helpful specially for first time moms like me.. I even joined their SP forum/parent chat.. it's nice when you share stories with other moms, experiences, ideas, opinions on topic regarding motherhood,family and other things..
           Just this January, i asked my husband to buy me a copy of their latest issue, Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez with the kids on the cover. I was so inspired by her story that i decided to write to the EIC of SP Mag and took my chance in getting/winning the Sesame Street DVDs!
           After 2 months (March), I'm really excited to see if my letter was published.. but to my disappointment, it wasn't.. Good thing though, i haven't told anyone about this haha.. Or they will just laugh at me.. Then come April.. then I told myself, Maybe my letter will not be published.. and it'll be the last time I will write to any Mags hoping for prizes up for grabs or at least my letter be publish..
           Then, 1st week of May, hubby brought home a copy of SP Mag.. i wasn't really excited about it.. If i could remember clearly, i am browsing my FB account and left the mag on the side of the bed. After "googling", i lay down and get the SP mag.. and to my surprise, i saw my letter! even publish as the letter of the month!! Yey!! Though i didn't get the Sesame Street DVDs (which was the reason why i wrote to the EIC), i'll be getting Loreal Products! Wasn't that the perfect gift for me on Mother's Day?! Haha..
           Bad thing about this.. I think i wont be able to get the prize.. reason: Duty!! Waaahhh.. Well at least my letter's been published!


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