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Monday, February 21, 2011

What I Love about Party Planning

Ever since I became a Mom to Jacob - I enjoyed planning for any occasions - not just for my son but  for the friends,too!

What I love about planning:
  • It excites everyone! Not just me but those people around me.. I'm willing to share every bit of details I did for my party, for them to also enjoy it
  • I'm not good in money especially in Budgeting, but,when it comes to party planning, I make sure I get all those affordable yet easy to deal with/professional suppliers. Those willing to put my ideas on their pre-planned activity/design, etc for the party
  • I love giving surprises, something new and unique for our guests and attendees.
Tips for an organized Party Planning:
  • Make time and make sure of your schedules on track. Always makes allowance with your time, yet try to finish it ahead.
  • Know your budget. Keep this in mind while scouting for suppliers. If you know you're out of budget - leave it, hence, willing to shell out extra money for this.
  • Search, Search, Search - it's fun spending time scouting for ideas over the internet, forums and blogs. Do not limit it your theme - example, "Sesame Street Party", but look for wider range of topics, you may never know something from other party themes will fit yours.
  • Do not afraid to ask, inquire from them. Countless e-mails were sent by me while planning for my son's party, just to meet my requirements, budget. You will feel even through that supplier will make your party special. 
  • Always follow up. Do not hesitate asking what's going on with the preparation. Moreover, remind them of the party and the schedule. If you could ask for samples, that would be better and would make you feel comfortable even before the party sets in
  • Always ask for a written document or Contract. Just in case, something happened.

Happy Planning!

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