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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Top 10 (Ten things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now)

This is a repost from SP Forum i'd like to share with everyone:

10 Things you wish to say to 10 different people right now:
  • I love you and you really made the whole me Complete
  • Thank You for all the memories we're sharing
  • I appreciate all the effort of taking care of me and now my family
  • Sorry for what happened to us long before.. I hope time heals all the wound
  • Excited to see you on Summer
  • Wishin' you all the happiness, coz I am now
  • Sorry for the inconvenience and the hassle me and my team brought to you
  • No more vices for you for longer life
  • Looking forward spending time or at least half a day with you just like when we're still singles
  • Thanks for all the Blessings
9 Things about yourself:
  • Workaholic
  • Loves shopping
  • Loves surprises
  • Loves Party and Planning
  • addicted with US TV Series 
  • loves spending and not good in saving
  • into flats and slippers
  • loves bags
  • addicted2jakey
8 ways to win your heart:
  • charm
  • patience
  • chocolates
  • flowers
  • shopping spree
  • a sweet kiss
  • a getaway
  • crepes
7 things that cross your mind a lot:
  • money
  • work
  • business
  • sale and shopping
  • for jacob
  • for jojo
  • party planning

6 little STUPID things you want to happen to you before you die:
  • skydiving
  • a night safari in Africa
  • own my Patrol 
  • win from Lotto
  • win from a contest
  • be a celebrity
5 turn-offs:
  • bad breath
  • a person who loves libre
  • liar
  • bad-mouth
  • conceited
4 turn-ons:
  • smile
  • how he handles himself in a crowd
  • generous
  • sweet
3 smiles that describe your life:
  • beautiful
  • blessed
  • happy
2 things you wish you never did:
  • lied to someone to cover my mistake
  • hate somebody's family that lead to more complications
1 confession:
  • at one point in my life, i became a 2-timer :)

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