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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jacob's so into Backyardigans - Considering as Party Theme

When I first learned about it when a client asked about Backyardigans design. I googled and said to myself " Who are they?".. And last Jacob's Party, he received lots of DVDs as gifts - including Backyardigans.. He all watched the DVDs except for the Backyardigans - but after sometime, he got bored, so I played it..
Poof! He likes it.. At first, he's just staring at the TV, but after few minutes, he started to march as if dancing to the tune! I'm just so impressed.. They caught Jakey's attention.. Giggling over the episode "Secret Mission" when Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone says "Dunt Da da.." or "waa waa wah.."
Here's a clip of the opening song which makes Jacob dance and march.. 

Now that Jacob's turning 2 on September, I'm considering this as his 2nd Birthday Party Theme.. Whatcha think? (TIA for the opinion). Moreover, I asked our production to make Jacob his Backyardigan Kiddie Stool. 
Sample photos here: 




I'll update if this will be his party and what specific theme from Backyardigans Story... 

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