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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jacob's 1st: Swimming at Splash Mountain

Since Jacob turned One, I'm already planning and looking forward on the day he'll take his first dip into the Pool and Enjoy it. 
Until now, it's a dream come true for me! We went to Splash Mountain in Los Banos - it's our nth time here :) We used to stay at their hotel when me and my husband were just boyfriend-girlfriend.  My whole family loves here - why? Lots of pool to swim and affordable for big group. 
We invited our Tito Efren and Tita Mila with the kids to join us. It wasn't really a planned one. Though, me and my husband talked about it, and relayed this to my mom - she thought we were just joking! So, we ended up buying rice and grilled pork and chicken.

What make me feel good about all this "swimming thing", Jacob gets to wear his iPlay Swimpants, which iIbought last Expo Mom at Rockwell. Though it wasn't shown in the photos (underneath the Swimwear) I quite concern with the weather - he might get colds - it's windy day afterall. I don't have actual photo with me, but here's a link. Jacob has the aqua sealife design (left, bottom)

 Jacob's also wore his Speedo swimwear. It's one of my cousin, Ate San's pasalubong when she got home from CA. I just love how it fits - Jacob really looks good and cool with it!

Jacob and Daddy

At first try, he got scared and cried.. But after sometime, he started to enjoy the whole thing. Even splashing water to us with his little hands!
I love the moment and will treasure it for lifetime. Here are some photos captured by me:

Jacob - All Smile!

Jacob taking his first walk in the pool
Jacob making face with Family
Jacon and his Salbabida

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