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Friday, October 29, 2010

Personalized Table Centerpiece: How to make it?

It's been months since I started making table centerpieces for my son's party last September, hence, there are still queries how I made those! I really appreciate every compliment I hear from people regarding the DIY table centerpieces.
And, it's been a while since I post a new topic here in my blog, better yet, share how I made those table centerpieces. Too bad, I didn't had any of it back in our home, just photos and smiles in my online album and in my mind - how everybody loved it!

It's really difficult to make a DIY table centerpiece for 13-15 table set! You'll be running out of ideas - how would you make it differ from one to another. So, I suggest (just what I did with mine) aside from choosing a theme for the party (in my case, It's Jacob's Sesame Street Party)keep in my mind what are those about the said theme. I "googled" and happened to passed by the website of sesame street. So, I decided why not come up with the whole Sesame Street! (I just chose the easy to make design)
The Sesame Street Library

Sesame Street  Library
 and here's is my version: 
Sesame Street Table Centerpiece

I copied and try to replicate the Sesame Street Library background! Even how twas elevated with a grass and garden in front of the building. To make it more fun, I put Ernie in front as the plush toy decoration. Moreover, since I want to personalized it as solely for Jacob's Party, I cut-out letters of J-A-C-O-B and glued it on the toothpick. Use styro-designed books as the base (since it's a library). For the side decors, I made extra effort of making miniature books and pens. 

  • Styroboard for the base ( I recycled our laboratory's styro from vacutainer test tube pack) in square shape
  • Craft foam (bought from a department store [only SM sell this])
  • Glue stick and glue gun
  • Toothpick
  • Scrap styrofoam (for the decoration)
  • Plush toy
  • Popsicle stick for plush toy

So, basically that's how I came up with the DIY Sesame Street tablecenterpieces!
If there's any queries on how to - you may leave me a message and will help you! Cheers!

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