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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mini Notebook DIY - Personalized

Since, I can't find much of Sesame Street Stuffs in the stores, I decided in making one!

Steps by Steps in Making DIY Mini Notebook:

Materials to prepare:

Bond paper (at least 10 pcs)
Padding glue
MS Publisher

1. Using MS Publisher, I make 4 big square and put lines inside to make it look like a piece of notepad. Inserted a Sesame Street logo too.
2. For the cover,  using the size of big square, I just added 1.5inches to it. Put "Notepad" label and party details.
3. Print it.
4. I cut the paper and use the padding glue. Approx of 15 pieces of paper is OK.
5. Cut the cover and pasted it over the paper that has been cut.

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