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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Party Giveaways

It's been weeks since Jacob's Party.. Still, I'm thrilled and nostalgic thinking how I pull it off the way I wanted it...
from the decors, to the performers, to the party entertainments, the foods and the prizes and giveaways.

I'll share to you how my Jacob's Party helped our business in bringing out more clients!

Giveaways for the kids:
I wasn't really expecting that much kids for the party - But,  I was wrong! I prepared 40 pieces of kiddie stool (which we sell [online and thru referrals]). It turned out, lots of kids weren't able to take home a piece of it. I just sent them after the party (well, those who are just close to our family).
I just make sticker label and put it on one of the legs of the kiddie stool.
(photos c/o handicrafts.atbp)

Very useful and unique isn't it? useful in the sense that it really could be use as a stool for sitting!
Price: P185.00 each*
[discounts/price adjustment for wholesale]
approx. 9 inches in height and diameter

Giveaways for the adults:
Supposedly these mini kiddie stools [ smaller version of kiddie stool] will be given as one of the giveaways for the adult guests. Since, you cannot control what will happen in a party, it was given as a prize for games and activities. I can proudly tell to anyone that everyone who took one of these went home with a smile on their faces! They loved it!
Instead of sticker labels, I asked our production to print Jacob's Party details on one of the legs of the mini kiddie stool.
(photos from the party)

So cute, right?! It also useful, it's very sturdy and could also be used as a stool for sitting!
Price: P90.00*
[discounts/price adjustment for wholesale]
more samples: click here

Since, it's a Sesame Street Party - I told myself from the very first time I planned this, I will just stick to our theme. Eventhough, sesame street designs are rarely available in the market ( even in Divisoria!), i looked up everywhere - the least thing I could do is just by those generic items for prizes and lootbags (designed as flower,bees,etc).

I have ample time in preparing this party, so I made an effort in showcasing what I love to do - party planning!
So in these case, lootbags and prizes for games and activities weren't just presented as pencil, notebooks, etc.

I tied a metallic ribbon on the prizes (binding all of the prizes). These include mini notebook (click here for steps), sticker books, pencils, erasers, bubbles,crayons,mini tumbler,etc are from Divilandia!

Also, I bought SS face and hand towels from SM Department Store for P79.75 to P109.75 pesos during their Mall Wide Sale. From Toys 'R Us, glitter packs and glues for P10 each.

And pen holders too! (from: handicrafts.atbp)

Isn't it so cute and fits the whole party theme?

Moreover, I made a sesame street cutout (elmo, cookie monster,zoe,oscar the grouch,ernie and bert) as a design on the prize. (please see photo above). I used foam and colored paper for these.
AS with the major prizes, I prepared and bought Sesame Street Stuffed Toys from Divisoria (along Tabora St) and Gumball Machine (online).
Plush toys for P60-65 each. I made the "Thank You Tag" to look like as if the toys have a sling bag with them. I used mettalic ribbins and wrappeed it around the stuffed toys!
Gumball machine for P165 each. I just added gumball candies and put it inside the machine for added attaraction to it. Everybody loves to take one of these!

 For the Special Prizes, I bought 2 lunch bags from Robinsons Dept. Store during their Mall Wide Sale for P99.00 only! Too bad, I shold have bought 3 more pieces with me. The design somehow fits the theme, since it the bags look it bird (Big Bird) and frog (Kermit the Frog [one of the muppets])

The Big Bird Lunch Bag was presented to the earliest guest in the party!
The Kermit the Frog for the Raffle winner! ( I asked the coordinator to put under one of the chairs a note telling then "You've Got a Prize!"
These two lunchbags are full of goodies- all of the items in the party! from the school supplies down to plushies and gumball machines!
A microfibel towel and a plush toy for the Oldest Guest. (Towel from SM Home)
An elmo wall clock for the early bird, too! (from handicrafts.atbp)

 And extra prize (I don't know they gave it out for) too! A Bath towel (SS design) from SM Dept. Store.

For the suppliers and those who helped me with the event, I also prepared somethin for them. Too bad, they didn't took home one with them. T'was given as part of the prizes for the games too! It's a pen and pen holder.
For the thank you tag: I used MS Publisher in working with those- I just love MS Publisher!

Peso Power: I don't know exactly how much I paid for all these things but I bought wholesale so I must've saved a lot of moolahs!
POV: I think I made a right decision with these ideas - why? I just go over the traditional party prize wherein kids gets to pick the item that they just like, instead I gave all the kids and participants a chance to have all the items to be brought with them at home.

For more party kwentos, visit my blog at:

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