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Friday, June 24, 2011

2nd birthday Party: Backyardigans Pirate Update

It's been a while since I post here in my blog. I've been busy for the past weeks with travel, work and business. 
And now, in less than 4 months until Jacob's 2nd Birthday - here are some of the details I have done for this special party - his 2nd!

Date: 11 September 2011 (Sunday) - This is his actual birthday! 
Theme: Backyardigans Pirate Party - Jacob is soo hooked with Pablo and the gang, so I decided it would be soo much fun to throw a party with them as the theme - but with a twist! It is a pirate party, too!!
Jacob loves the Arrr! Pirates episode - he even dances with the all the songs played in the episode.. And this is Jacob's fave song -

Venue: Panguil River eco-Park, Laguna
It's my first choice for the venue but for some reasons we had to consider offer from my mom's friend who is willing to lend the venue for free. But it's quite a hassle if we have to provide every thing - including tables and chairs. So we decided to rent this place for the party. (blog here)
Already settled downpayment. 

  • fits our theme well! And I love the hanging bridge! It's like you are " walking on the plank" in pirates' lingo (language)
  • Very spacious! Perfect for kid's party - I love the ceiling, too!

  • Rental is good for 1 whole day, I know , right?! Very affordable and we have more time for the preparation and party itself!
  • With sound system and linen included 
  • Quite far from Manila - I hope our Manila friends will attend Jacob's Party
  • Linen available is brown - I hope they could provide more and colorful colored linens by September
Printables - already made the designs. For printing.
Invitations - DIY by Me> for printing

Other details, will be posted. I just have to attend to some things. Will update!

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