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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nature Trippin' by Familia Zaragosa

Familia Zaragosa - yes! That's our family.. I do not remember how we got that petname for our family - It was like a Joke that became us so famously known even to our friends as The Zaragosa's!
Anyways, every Black Saturday of the Lenten Season, it's like a family tradition we keep on doing every year that we have to go out on outing or swimming with the whole family. 
And for this year, we decided to have a Nature Trippin'! We went to Pangil Eco-Tourism Park. 
Entrance Fee: P40 for non-Pangil residents
                      P12 for Pangil residents
Additional P2 per person for Environmental Fee

My uncle, Tito Efren reserved a cottage for P400 per day (cheap,ryt?) and it's quite big.. The whole family is excite for this since we already knew what we're suppose to do - Hike/Trek and Swim!

To cottage
Kids playing with the water
Familia Zaragosa
Tita Pot is Vaping! Whew!
The Cousins
 After lunch, we now decided to proceed with our main reason - Ambon Ambon Falls trekking!
Entrance: P60 per head (includes boat ride/balsa type and lifevest with helmet)

Goofing around while waiting
More Happiness!
The Group without AC (cameraman)
On our way to the Falls - more pictures!
Balsa Ride
Swim Bea Swim!
More swim!

And the falls!

It took us almost 30 minutes of walking/trekking before riding the Balsa, then swim to reach the falls! S


thehappywife said...

Wow! Ang saya saya nyo naman. :) Lalo ko namiss family ko. Sis pang tele-novela ang familia zaragosa. hihi

Grace Garcia- Anonuevo said...

Hehe! Oo nga, we still don't know panu nagstart bsta we just call ourselves Familia zaragosa and Quintana for others :)

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